PokerPro Automated Texas Hold Em

I just got back from a cruise to Cabo San Lucas aboard the Carnival ship Elation and I have to say it was a blast, the wife and I took a 5 day cruise along with 12 of our friends, if you have never taken a cruise I highly recommend it. For those of you that have not been on a cruise there is a ton of stuff to do including gambling. As you may guess I gravitated towards playing poker, I don’t like video poker but that is what the casino was offering, at least that is what I thought. They had this hybrid game called PokerPro, it was a 10 seat table with a console for each player and the table top was a virtual hold em table that displayed the cards, your chips and the pot(s). The console was where you made your bets and viewed your hold cards.

What was cool about the console was how you viewed your cards, just like at a live tournament you actually cupped your hands over the two hold cards and as if by magic the corners turned up for you to view, when you removed your cupped hands the cards appeared face down again. I was completely taken in by the technology and the ease of play, combining online poker with the brick-and-mortar setting is genius, you get the best of both worlds the online ease and speed along with the personal interaction of playing with live people instead of their avatar.

I played poker for about an hour and I was extremely fortunate in that I was dealt some great hands, which in turn gave me credibility when I had bad hands. Needless to say I faired very well tripling my money. To be fair though the people at my table were very easy marks and just drunk enough to think they were great players. I almost felt bad about taking their ! I have been playing online poker for a long time and love the technology but at times miss the human interaction. For this reason I would love to see the popular casino’s incorporate these machines, it makes complete sense to me. Games are faster so more Rake for the casino the games are electronic so very little man power is needed to police them.

As with anything new, especially technology, people are going to be skeptical and non-receptive initially, but once they start using the PokerPro machines they will soon learn to love the advantages, like the timer for one, no more waiting for that guy who has to think about every card and every play ad nausea. More importantly it removes human error, no more misdeals bad counts mistaken paid outs etc. Until this technology finds its way to land I will happily continue playing 95% of my poker online and of course keep my blog up to date
See ya at the tables!

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