Superb Surfing Experience in Fiji

What makes Fiji such an amazing place to surf? The tropical climate, the warm and yet clean waters along. Moreover there is no rush on the shores which make Fiji a further ideal place to surf. Moreover the Soft Coral Capital of the world has the best breaks in the world most suitable for expert surfers. Some few breaks in Fiji also give chance to the new learners not therefore leaving anyone out. In fact surfing is one of the major reasons for Fiji’s popularity. Numerous international surfing festivals and competitions are held in this beautiful Archipelago of over three hundred islands.

What makes the Fiji tides accessible to surfing is the great coral barrier reef. The Fiji Coral Barrier reef is the third largest coral reef in the world therefore providing the best breaks in the world. However it is absolutely essential that you check the weather conditions before getting out surfing. Particularly the tides as the waves are mainly suitable for high tides. The best time to surf in the Fiji Island would be from April to September as the wind directions during this time is ideal and so is the velocity. Cloudbreak and the Restaurant are some of the few renowned places for surfing.

Since surfing has brought in so many tourists here in Fiji, there are a number of resorts providing you with surfing stays. These resorts provide surfing tours, surfing guides etc. In case you need no guidance regarding surfing you can still rent boats and surfing equipments. Boats are particularly needed to reach the surfing breaks. Premium quality boats are provided like the 23 foot fiberglass Yamaha boat with 40 horse power. In fact you can get boats ranging from 23 to 30 feet fiberglass. If you are looking for power then you should know that you get a range expanding from 40 horse power to 200 horse power.

There are three main areas popular for surfing in Fiji. The first area is the spot around the Pacific harbor which includes the Frigates and the passage near Beqa Island. The second area is the area in Kadavu. These two areas are great as you can get accommodation easily. The third area which is popular for surfing is the area around Nadi. Since it provides the world’s best experience in surfing it might be difficult for you to get the accommodation in this area.
So now that you know all that you need to know about the surfing experience in Fiji, just go ahead and book your trip.

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