Wedding Champagne Flutes Made of Grey Venetian Glass

Your wedding champagne flutes should be made of grey Venetian glass if you feel quite in tune with some typical personality traits you will find here while reading till the end.
Do you really love the color grey? First of all “grey” or “gray”? Either one is fine, if you are from the UK you will probably pick the first and if you are from the US the second. The color grey can be warm when adding yellow, orange and red, and cool when adding green, blue, and violet to its pigments. It is an achromatic or neutral color when no cast is added, just like a grey wolf in a pack of 5 or 7.

The wolf is the largest member of the canine family. Grey wolves range in color from grizzled grey or black to all-white. As the ancestor of the domestic dog, the grey wolf resembles German shepherds or malamutes.

When you look into the eyes of the grey wolf they evoke calmness and self-control, the same feeling you will have when toasting with your grey Venetian glass wedding champagne flutes with your family and guests.
Because you are neutral about life and do not love the chaotic outside world you will opt for a rather balanced, stable not overwhelming wedding. Your toast with your grey wedding champagne flutes will be in a rather reserved “pack”, only closest friends and family.

You are practical and calm in everything you do and people know they can rely upon you, because of your coolness, conserved and composed attitude. Nevertheless because it is also for you the most important day in your life you will add a touch of elegance at your toast by exhibiting your Venetian glass wedding champagne glasses, showing that you are not that dull after all.
Like the grey wolf you are quite independent and may be quite individual in your attitude, and even if sometimes you lack of imagination and creativity you should be open to new ideas and opportunities and embrace them especially on important occasions in your life.

If grey really is the color you like most, do not hesitate a second when looking for your wedding champagne flutes: get grey ones, but make sure they are handmade of Venetian glass allowing you to make use of your fair and balanced judgment thanks to your emotional detachment even the most important day of your life!

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